Humlebæk Residence



Summer House M by M.B.A.


07.23.14 /12:14/ 14
07.22.14 /13:40/ 3

Doris Duan: Notification cards + Poster design
07.17.14 /00:20/ 229


Brasilia, 1961-63 — Lucien Clergue


Emily McMurrin: IBM Direct Marketing
07.17.14 /00:04/ 96


Little King / Signe Hytte + Øivind Slaatto

Little King is a small side table. The focus of this design has been the complex construction and how the the meeting of the wood creates a complex but yet very simple and expression.
The table is removable so the detailed joinery becomes visible.



“Carve the peg by looking at the hole” – Ancient proverb

A playful take on the consideration of shipping chairs as compact and efficiently as possible, ‘PEG’ is formulated around the acronym, ‘Parts Excluding Glue’.  Originally shown in Nyc design week 2014, the chair prototype was made using custom built CNC routers in collaboration with Makers Anonymous.


2008. Pencahue. Taller 2.
07.16.14 /22:46/ 2


Architecture & Undecidability  |  Ben Sweeting
- PhD Research Projects 2010. Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, UK
- Supervised by Neil Spiller & Ranulph Glanville

My particular research interest is in the ethical dilemma of designing for others when there is no ‘right’ solution.  In designing architecture we can’t possibly avoid interfering with other people’s lives as architecture itself forms part of the framework in which people live; that is, intervening in people’s lives is rather the point.  Thus in architecture we can seldom maintain the isolation implied by an ethics of personal responsibility which is, I argue (following von Foerster and Sartre amongst others), the appropriate response to the undecidability of our situation.  Indeed architecture is a good example of the more general difficulty of acting in ways that impact on others. 

My theoretical work focuses on three areas of theory that are linked by the theme of purpose: cybernetics, existentialism and teleological ethics.  My design projects explore the questions of purpose and contingency which become explicit as soon as architecture is considered over time, proposing different ways of relating the use of architecture to the architecture itself.

Canvas  by  andbamnan